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Our Handcrafted Pieces

Beautiful, handcrafted Windsor chairs, settees, and stools in over 20 styles and a variety of natural milkpaint colors.


Sack Back, Continuous Arm, Comb Backs, Bow Backs, Boston Fan Back, Nantucket Fan Back, Philadelphia High Back, Philadelphia Low Back, Windsor Rocking Chair, John Adams Hoop Back, Thomas Jefferson Swivel Chair, Settees, Windsor Writing Arm, Balloon Back, 21 Century Windsor, Stools and Stands, Youth and Children's Chairs


Chairs can be ordered in any single milkpaint shade or combination of milkpaint layers. 

To view additional color choices visit to view more shades.

If you have your own paint palette, we will be happy to utilize your colors and paint preferences.

To order any piece below, please contact us first, we have a waiting list for orders. If you would like to visit us and talk to us directly you need to call us at 804-493-7777 to make an appointment. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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