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Bill Jenkins

Windsor chairs ready for their close-up
Locust Farm Windsor chairs were selected by HBO and Playtone, Tom Hanks's production company, to be set furniture for their miniseries John Adams. The mini-series was first broadcast in March 2008 and the chairs played an important part in its Emmy-winning set design.

Here's a photo of William Jenkins with some of the chairs he provided to the production. See if you can spot them in the John Adams trailer.

In the mini-series, Continential Congress members deliberated while sitting in 35 Sack Back Windsors. William Jenkins also replicated the particular Windsor chairs favored by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both now available for sale.

Virginia Living

House of Windsor
by Joan Tupponce
Virginia Living
AUGUST 13, 2019 8:30 AM
Bill Jenkins fashions 18th-century-style chairs from nothing but wood and glue

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